Linux users wants Flash

Scott over at writes about a petition for Flash by Linux users.

This is an old issue, a lot of people have been wanting Flash on Linux for a long while, and Macromedia has been claiming that the development of Flash for Linux just isn’t worth the investment. While they support Linux as a server platform, they claim that there is really not a desktop market on Linux. I have always argued that its a catch 22, as long as companies such as Macromedia refuse to publish their products on the platform, you won’t see a lot of users moving over to Linux as their desktop platform.

I have been using Linux and Windows for a good while now, and would switch in a second if my main tools were available on Linux – one of them are Flash MX, another is Dreamweaver MX. If Macromedia and other such companies started moving applications over to Linux, they would find a huge user-base. But I guess they don’t want the money, or rely on people like me that give in an use Windows so that we can use their software.

For now, what we as wanting-to-be-linux-users-of-Macromedia-software should do, is to let them know what is going on. While I don’t support the notion of spamming Macromedia people, there exists a number of ways to make yourself be heard:

BTW: I would love to know when the Flash MX player will be made available for Linux. The fact that it is still not available is disappointing.

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  1. Hi I am Hakan

    I use Linux operition system

    I need Flash for linux

    because i dont like windows systems

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