This is not fair…

I am trying to have some kind of a weblog vacation here – starting up a new company, trying to get some way overdue stuff done, and at the same time trying to at least sense that its summer, and then there are so many cool projects going on that I can’t ignore them.

Not fair at all. But you have been warned, I will probably – most likely – hopefully, not post so much in the week(s) to come. But trust me to not keep quiet when I see something I think is cool.

3 thoughts on “This is not fair…”

  1. Not Fair Not Fair

    I got a web Nanny cause of internet and I’m 16

    I can’t look at a cite for Denver Broncos

    I can’t look at cheat codes for my games

    I can’t do any thing that I want to do on the internet

    It Is NOT FAIR

    Why do I have to be punished for what is on the net??

    I can type in an innocent site and it won’t let me see cause of one little word or phrase may be in there

    Life is Not Fair

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