Flash blog discussions taking off

This week has seen some interesting discussions on some of the Flash blogs.

David Emberton started a discussion with his Opinion: “rich internet applications,” hooey article at ActionScript.com (which spanned to a discussion at Flazoom.com), and FlashGuru really stirred the pot by asking if he should charge for his upcoming Flash component.

Its great to see the Flash blogs creating interesting discussions this way! I hope we will continue to see these kind of discussions coming out of the Flash blogs.

3 thoughts on “Flash blog discussions taking off”

  1. I just can’t resist posting a comment to this thread…

    After running the sole Flash blog for so long I am very happy to see so many other Flash blogs on the scene. There is so much discussion about how we use Flash that needs to happen, and the blog’s provide a great place for it. In the past five months (wow, Flash MXs has been out for a long time) there have been so many good productive discussions. And hey, it’s cheaper than going to the conferences.

  2. hehe, yes. But its not the same. Its much more fun to drink beer with you in RL! ;-)

    Its really nice to see the various blogs appear as soapboxes and discussion forums all at the same time. I hope it keeps up

  3. Im really really pleased to see some discussions taking off. In my view, ‘critical discussion’ is an important part of any proffessional enviroment. Its great to see this sort of thing replacing the ‘check out this cool effect’ links of old.

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