Flash Player Bug Releases .. good or bad?

Jason Key (Flash Distracted) has written a nice entry in his blog about Flash Player Bug Releases .. good or bad?

I agree its nice to see Macromedia release new bug-fix versions of the player often. But it also seems to me like they were in too much of a hurry (this time around too). Breaking functionality is never a good thing. The .47 version of the Flash 6 player has broken several features from the previous Flash 6 players. I understand some of them, such as the redirect function being take away. I have a harder time believing that they removed the support for query strings in the embed tag on purpose.

3 thoughts on “Flash Player Bug Releases .. good or bad?”

  1. I look at is from another perspective. The percentage of Flash Player Plug-in 6 to the over all Internet users is still very small. If 95%, percent of all Internet users had a “bad” version of Flash Player 6 then were does that leave us? With a $#%@ load of users that are susceptible to attackers. Better now then later!

  2. The point mike makes here is valid, and I do agree to get it out before the whole world gets Flash 6 installed. My primary issue though is the possibility of other bugs poping up.

    While I know perhaps I am sounding like a broken record, my issue is not the releases at all really. It is our ability as end users to know when to upgrade if necessary.

    Anyway, I posted a more detailed breakdown focusing on the upgrade issue on my site again. I tried to keep it short .. but I have glib fingers it would seem :)

    I am glad you found my article interesting, Jarle, and I like what I am seeing here as well. I know I will certainly always support you in the Linux Gripe :), hopefully we will see some changes here in the near future.

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