How radio got boring

I worked in radio for about 10 years here in Norway, and I could write a long rant about how the radio business has changed in Norway, how it used to be a lot more personal and interesting (I think the operative word is Fresh) than it is today. And I might just do that one day, but for now you will have to stick with reading about how radio got boring in the USA, in the San Diego Union-Tribune: Mourning DJs

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If you know what to listen to, you may find that radio can be fascinating!

Dennis Praeger

Talk radio can be very good listening…

Todd Hopkinson

I hate the radio stations in my area all they have

is talk talk talk and rock rock rock.I do like one

talk show coast to coast a m its on late at night

its kind of spooky I like all things considered on

NPR and Music of your Life is ok i like the music

ok its overall radio i hate so many talk shows sports shows there is one classical channel and one jazz station I Like those. my main problem is

my favorite singer never gets played on the radio

his name is MICHAEL CRAWFORD. famous for playing

the phantom of the opera the only time i hear him

is maybe over the weekend when WTLA plays broadways biggest hits or when its christmas time

they play O HOLY NIGHT he sings it beautifully

his music should be played on the radio. radio stations should have a BROADWAY AND THEATER MUSIC

radio format including broadway and movies tv show

themes movie themes and london and vegas shows

ballet and opera too sincerely KATHY GUINTO

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