Missing in action: Flash player 6 for Linux

With the impressive work being put into making the Flash 6 player work better on Windows and Mac, I am still baffled by the fact that there is still no Flash 6 player for Linux.

Granted, the desktop market isn’t huge on Linux (although its growing, faster now thanks to Lindows and cheap Linux powered PCs) – but Linux is the chosen system for many embedded systems. I would have thought Macromedia would want to make Flash 6 player available for those as fast as possible.

Would anyone be willing to give an estimate to when we will be seeing the player released for Linux? Mike?

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  1. YES!!! Kiosks and more handhelds with Flash ..

    I also agree, and if you read through my blog at all, the Linux thread is a recurring gripe on my part.

    I certainly hope that MM is hearing some of this and we in the not too distant future get us the Player for Linux as well as the FlashCom server.

    I love OSX too, so the server I would think would be easier .. but hey, there are a few million of us Linux geeks out there, surely we deserve some support.

    (rumor warning) I had heard at one point that perhaps Opera was working with MM to port Flash 6 over to Linux .. but with that, I was sceptical ..

  2. Boy, when reading one’s post, I realize I should proof read it more carefully before hitting post! To much Mt. Dew!

    Wanted to mention though that I am posting this using Mozilla on Mandrake as well … :)

  3. I think the Opera rumour sounds plausible, I have (eh, hmm.. well) not really any way to confirm it. At least not without torturing someone at Opera that might know it. (If nothing else, they are close enough).

    As to Mountain Dew, shut up. We can’t even buy the highly-addictive-substance here in Norway. Here the coffine content of Mt.Dew, Red Bull etc. gets them classified as a drugs.. (Yes, really – I am not joking).

  4. Hi ya’ll… for these types of requests it can be really helpful for planners if you compare priorities, from your own little part of the universe… if you yourself find Linux work to be more important than embedded work or portable work, for instance, then this conveys more info than just “want linux”. These comparative evaluations can then be combined with other means of checking which piece of work is the higher priority consensus, thanks.


  5. Isn’t Linux more or less equal to embedded in this discussion, John?

    Mike: It would be really usefull to have a feeling of the timespan for when the player would be made available. Are we talking weeks, months? (1 month, 3, 6?)

  6. First … NO CAFFENINNNNNNE!!!!! ACK!! Jeez, what is this world coming to? But then, if I am not mistaken, this is a little nicotine pouch that is quite popular in Norway and Sweden, that the state of California here would shoot you on sight for possession of :). What was the name of that? I tried it, and I think my I left my face in Stockholm …

    Next …. Man I should have checked back on this .. sweet discussion and Jarle, I agree with you in that the discussion of priorities for a Linux vs. Embedded solution. It is to me a little bit redundant. With so many options coming available with embedded Linux (set-top boxes, and PDA’s), putting the priority only on Portable, versions (which to me is telling us that they mean CE primarily) ignores the opportunity to kill nearly two birds with one stone as it were. If we see a port of the Flash MX Player to Linux, then we can easily see it move onto other Linux devices in short order ..

    If this issue is cellphones then there is http://techupdate.zdnet.com/techupdate/stories/main/0,14179,2708019,00.html … but a solution like the OE One Desktop ( http://www.oeone.com/products/desktop.html ) could stand to gain a lot from a port to Flash.

    Thanks and all the best …

    Jason Key

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