More ways to stay updated on Macromedia Flash

More ways to stay updated in general. Google has been in beta for a while with their new News search service. Now its really starting to cook having added more than 4000 news sources, and is challenging a lot of other news gathering services.

So now it shold be even easier to stay updated on the lastest Macromedia Flash News

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  1. Hi Jarle, I’m glad you’re hip to this too… I don’t know what I’d do without Google, myself…. ;-)

    For what it’s worth, I use a slightly different term at Google News:

    This searches for the phrase “Macromedia Flash” (rather than individual words), and sorts so that the most-recently-found articles appear at top of the list. (I actually search on “macromedia” rather than “macromedia flash”, because I look for all news items, but if I just wanted Flash stuff I’d use quotation marks in the search term.)

    Over at AllTheWeb’s news engine I use this term:

    I think some of those query terms may be extraneous and could be culled for a bookmark. Some of the returned hits from this engine are in languages I can’t display.

    Note that these are all the most-recently-indexed articles, rather than the most recent articles… I don’t think search engines yet use the document-creation date when sorting results.

    One other search-engine trick I’ve been using lately has been a Google term to restrict searches to the Macromedia Designer & Developer Center… just add this to any query: “ inurl:desdev”. This helps if you know you read an article there but get too many additional hits when trying to do a universal search an an engine.



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