Thats what I call a hotspot

Nice to see an airline really being cutting edge on technology. Together with Boeing, Lufthansa launches on-board WLAN service. With download speeds at 7 Mbit/s and upload starting at 128 Kbit/s (to be upgraded to 750 Kbit/s at a later date).

I am wired and net-addicted enough for this to affect my choice of airline on my next trip over the atlantic :-)

One Response to Thats what I call a hotspot

  1. Keith January 16, 2003 at 6:30 pm #

    I used to work for Connexion by Boeing doing UIs and front end design for that service (maybe you’d see some of my work there – but I doubt it) and I’m really glad to see they are getting it off the ground. Pun intended.

    It’s a really great service, and lightning fast. They took a real hit with the whole Sept 11th ordeal – as you can imagine.

    Lufthansa was one of the first airlines on board and it looks like one of the only ones that stuck through it all. Good for them.