Waiting for a cool gadget: Neuros Audio

I sometimes write about gadgets that are cool. Quite a few of them is in the making, and it seems to be a trend to launch information about them, sites and even ordering – loooong before they ever ship. Which often makes us have to suffer the long wait and anticipation until they are released.

One such gadget is the Neuros MP3 Digital Audio Computer, its a neat concept. A radio, radio transmitter, MP3 (and hopefully Ogg Vorbis) player, it has mic and line in, the ability to record from radio and later on upload the “soundprint” to find out what song you were listening to, as well as all the other stuff you have come to expect from an MP3 player. It comes as a 128 MB RAM version and a 20 GB HD version. And they have promised to make the OS/UI for the unit open to everyone that wants to develop for it. A strike of genious that has worked out great for gadgets like the Palm organizer in the past. Its really going to be interesting to get to use it, and see if any cool new applications for it will surface from independent developers.

But first we have to try to gain a little more patience while we wait and wait and…

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