Anti-Terror Campaign Cloaking Human Rights Abuse

Just thought I would take the time to refresh everyone on the reoccurring story of the fight against terrorism taking human rights hostage.

Anti-Terror Campaign Cloaking Human Rights Abuse (Human Rights Watch Press release, January 16, 2002)

“Terrorists believe that anything goes in the name of their cause. The fight against terror must not buy into that logic. Human rights principles must not be compromised in the name of any cause.”

Resorting to the same tactics as terrorists, and sacrificing human rights is not the way to address terrorism.

Its really worth the time and effort to get updated on what is going on. Human Rigths Watch has built a good website with information.

Human Rights Watch – Country page

Human Rights Watch – United States

Human Rights Watch – Norway

3 thoughts on “Anti-Terror Campaign Cloaking Human Rights Abuse”

  1. How do you fight an invisible threat?

    It is wrong to encroach apon any persons personal rights, but what is the answer?

    I’m all for you stay in your yard, I’ll stay in mine – but somehow I don’t think these kids will play that way…

    The unfortunate reality is, some people’s rights are going to get stomped on to protect the lives of others. I hate it, but I hate it less than the loss of innocent life. The answer is minimize mortal casualties, while at the same time, minimizing human rights casualties. Human rights violations are a matter of perception, unfortunately there is no black and white definition. I don’t have much respect for short sighted (and often radically irrational) groups like the HRW, PETA, or KKK but I will listen to their opinion, rejecting ideas selectively –

    Something to chew on:)

  2. First of all, I don’t think the idea of human rights should be sacrificed with excuses such as “saving human lifes”.

    You say

    “I’m all for you stay in your yard, I’ll stay in mine – but somehow I don’t think these kids will play that way…”.

    Well, if we historically look at it that way, then there really shouldn’t be any anglo-americans, should there? Moving to current events, there shouldn’t have been any US military pretense in the middle east either, if we should follow “stay in your yard, I’ll stay in mine”.

    I don’t see the world as so small or narrow that we have to stay in “our own yards”. I think that is a faulted way of thinking.

    And who’s liefs are we actually talking about? The people that was cluster bombed in Afghanistan? The people that starve to death in Iraq? The people that suffer under regimes supported by the US in the middle east or just the people who died in the 9/11 attacks?

    As to the human rights being a matter of definition: You are right. The human rights have actually been defined by the United Nations ( ), and is a standard all members are supposed to uphold.

    US is not in any way alone in breaking them, but should be one of the nations capable of actually holding true to the standards. Its frightening and disappointing that the USA has st so far away from the ethics of human rights, and are using the citizens safety as an excuse to ignore those rights.

    The human rights are supposed to be two very strong rights, and in my opinion there are no excuse for taking away either of the articles in the human rights declaration.

  3. 1. You misconstrued what I meant by ‘stay in your yard’ – I meant – Don’t stir up crap. This applies mostly to the U.S. Govmt. Mind your own business is a pretty good proverb. I should have said ‘don’t throw your dogcrap in my yard’.

    2. These groups and yourself only seem to have beefing and whining to offer about the sad state of affairs in a one sided arguement – and have yet to offer a viable solution. I know I don’t have a good solution, but I do know that doing nothing (when the U.S. persists in it’s policy) is only going to make more trouble.

    3. Don’t believe all the propoganda you read, nor will I. I don’t believe for a second that Iraqi’s are starving because of the embargo. Why, because I was in the gulf during the time and the embargo didn’t stop food ships. Want to finger the culprit – look to the man leading that country.

    4. Where do you live? For me it’s about survival. Looking out for #1 becomes an issue when you suspect at any minute some misguided jerk with a beef against you as a group of people might set off a bomb. I think, in the same situation – a bit of perspective on ‘real life’ might change the way you think. I make an assumption here – and probably a wrong one:) My point is, attitudes are driven by immediate situation. This is perhaps why many americans support things they would otherwise not…

    Solutions, not problems. For the record, I personally haven’t violated anyone’s rights today. I had chicken for lunch though – so I’m on PETA’s s**t list:)

    I’m just expressing my opinion, and though I respect yours – I have a difference of opinion:) No hard feelings man:)

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