The talk of the town today: Screenweaver MX

The community is buzzing with blog entries about Screenweaver MX, and I can understand why. Screenweaver MX is a really powerful tool for creating Windows applications with Flash MX. And some really cool programs/applets have already come to live thanks to it.


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Here is what the Flash blogs are writing:

Jeremy Allaire:

Rubberduck, a Netherlands-based software group, just released Screenweaver MX, a powerful tool that enables developers to build full-featured desktop applications using Flash MX. I had the benefit of participating in the beta and getting a view into the kinds of apps people are building. The product enables developers to use native Windows functionality (like custom windows, windows events, native windows APIs, the task bar, and any custom code they can author into DLLs or COM objects)

What does it do? It will let you extend the capabilities of Flash beyond anything previously possible…

Feasible Impossibilities (Robert Hall):

I am very happy and excited to see tools like SWMX coming out. This one in particular looks very promising for allowing developers to extend the capabilities of Flash to interact with the underlying OS, applications and peripherals. Tools like Flash Studio Pro and SWMX are going to make for some very interesting apps in 2003. I only wish that feature rich tools with advanced frameworks and functionality like this were around about 2 years ago.

It looks like Rubber Duck has released a new version of Screenweaver MX, and form playing around a bit with the trial, and doing a little reading, I can easily call this software AMAZING! Here is why: it utilizes components and events for application development using ActionScript. Most other programs of this type are only using an fscommand type architecture. Also, you are able to extend teh software by accessing COM and DLL objects. This alone is one of the most amazing features if you are lookng into doing serious application development.



Waldo Smeets

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  1. stereo-lullaby

    this new release, screenweaver mx, makes a developer dream of times without breakdowns or colisions of the produced items. The design and the handling raises this software to the upper ones. I was only testing the demo version so i do not have any idea if the design is catching the functionality. It

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