5 thoughts on “More rumors floating around about future Playstation 3 specs”

  1. the thing is that when ps3 comes out its a big possibility that xbox2 will already be out. xbox2 is also going to have 3 to 3.5 gigs n ps3 is going to have 2.5 to 3 gigs also xbox2 is going to have a better video card. now im not going to buy xbox2 but all my friends are just because xbox2 is better im going to buy ps3 only because i like the controlers and the Grand Turismo series…

  2. Well I read today that PS3 and XBOX2 will both have cell chips and so the processing power should be pretty even “3.2 – 6.4GHz”.Anyway i’m staying in south africa so I would only get a PS3 because XBox game distribution is really poor here compared to PS2. So while XBox clearly out-performs PS2 on paper, the reality is that its simply not practical where i live.

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