A year of blogging

Its interesting to note that it has almost been a year of blogging, and that my blog has gone through some changes over the last year. It started out as my personal arena to just rant about everything and nothing — as the subtitle of my blog indicates “the ramblings of jarle dahl bergersen”.

Later it would turn into a “Flash blog” because of my interest in Flash. after all I was working in one of Norway’s leading flash design/development companies and at the same time one of the editors of Flashmagazine.

The Flash section really came to life in march/april last year, as I was traveling to the FlashForward conference in San Francisco, and it was my pictures from the conference that gathered the first “Flash readers” to my blog. Now, almost a year later, people are still coming to my site for Flash information – a lot of people are looking at – and responding to – articles I have posted about Flash news and resources. Its nice to see that what I have been doing has been of use to others.

But it couldn’t last.

First of all, for most of the year I have not been working actively with Flash, the aftermath of the .com fiasco took out the company I was working in, and I had to go out and find other work. So, on the computer side of work – I have been working a lot more with PHP and database related work, and not so much with Flash, it has led me to resign from Flashmagazine, and tone down the time I use to keep updated on what is going on. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel like a part of the Flash community, but more and more I feel like as if I am standing on the outside looking in.


I guess this is the time when I have to say that if you are coming to my weblog to find Flash news, then you would probably spend your time better looking at other blogs. I will probably not abandon Flash development or the “Flash blogs” and Flash community, but I would be very surprised if I am the one that can give you the fresh news from the Flash world.

My blog will probably move more over to commentary of various tech news, and anything else that I care about, you are free to keep coming back to see what is on my mind, or to stop visiting my PERSONAL blog. (Yes, corporate bloggers nagging about personal blogs being off-topic does get to me).

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  1. Hey Jarle,

    As you probably know, your blog was the initial inspiration for me to start blogging (along with Sam Wan’s blog). I still head on over here once in a while to see what you’re up to. Although it is unfortunate that you are moving “away from flash blogging”, I will still continue to frequent your site. Personally, I have found it to be quite fulfilling to write on a wide assortment of topics – not restricting myself to “flash-only” news. It truly is my voice on the web.

    So I just wanted to thank you for being my inspiration. Do you remember the first email I sent you? I mentioned that one of my goals was to have hollowcube.com/talk/ linked to from various flash blogs, and to see it as one of the sites that blog aggregators include as a default RSS feed.

    I feel as though my ‘dreams’ have been surpassed. By simply sharing my personal views on Flash, technology, and other interests of mine, hollowcube.com has grown in popularity beyond my expectations. Who would have thought that my site would be linked to from flazoom, greg burch and mike chambers’ blogs, and various others – websites by people who I admire to a great degree?

    Now I am involved in the WhatIsFlash.com project as one of the primary contributors. All this has resulted (at least in part) because of your encouragement.

    Thank you :)

    P.S. Are you going to start writing about PHP-related news and posting tutorials/coding examples, etc.? I’m getting back into PHP, and would definately find it helpful ;)

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