Large DVD collection?

Got a lot of DVDs and no time to get an overview of them? Hard to remember which DVDs you have from before?

In that case, DVD Profiler is the program for you. Available for Win32 machines, and connected to its own database, DVD Profiler allows you to either enter the Bar-code number, scan the DVD with a bar-code reader, or scan the DVD ID from your DVD via your DVD-drive. It allows for export to XML and CVS files, and also gives you the ability to show your DVDs on a web-page. (See DVD Profiler’s My Profiler Collection — BTW: I have just tried with a few DVDs, my entire collection isn’t there yet)

The program is about to be made available for Pocket PC, and then it will be really useful, especially for people like me – that have problems remembering which DVDs they have bought for their collection, not to mention which DVDs are on loan by friends… :-)

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