3 thoughts on “Iraq: US dirty tricks”

  1. Its funny that the Guardian in the UK was able to get an email from the NSA. Laughable.

    What is even funnier is the fact that when they first released the forgery, the email had british spellings for certain words…and the email had a european date/time stamp! http://www.observer.co.uk/iraq/story/0,12239,905954,00.html

    Now, to cover up for the blunder they claim that they transcribed it into british english. Yeah, right…and the time stamp in the email too? So, in other words, british people need an editor to manipulate a supposed authentic document by transcribing words like “behavior” to read “behavior”? Valid reporters don’t pull that kind of crap, and I don’t believe the populous of the UK is so ignorant, either.

    Well, thankfully, hoax is spelled the same in both languages.

  2. Jarle, you even posted on your own page that you shouldn’t believe everything you see! Although I wouldn’t put something like that beyond the capabilities of my gov’t, I can’t see the nsa leaking anything, especially to another country.Unless it was misinformation.

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