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  1. Hi Jarle — There’s a difference between telling you what to think, and pointing to better ways to make up your own mind.

    I’m convinced that these rapidly-evolving techniques to enable better group communication and knowledge are both humanly valuable, and germane to our own work.

  2. I have always expressed my own mind. Maybe I do so in a fashion that makes you think I am telling you what to think, if that is the case – then I am sorry, that is not my intention.

    I have my belifs, you may have yours.

    As to the off-topic postings; I don’t see a difference in off-topic – based on how you form your message. I don’t mind off-topic postings, but as I have interpreted you in the past, it seemed like you thougt that the “flash blogs” should keep out of posting about topics not related to Flash.

    Its nice to see you coming around to the notion that its possible to have more than one thought in ones head, and blog :-)

  3. a very off-topic post

    I’ve been mulling over the idea of off-topic posting. Over the (close to a) year that I’ve been blogging, there have been various discussions of how ‘on-topic’ one must remain in their blog postings. Well, I have something to say about that: At hollowc…

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