Finally about to hit the stores: Paperlike displays

epyrus.jpgThis is a technology that many different companies have been working on for quite some time now. And now, according to some press photos and a VERY brief “press release” on Siemens AG’s web site, it seems like it might be just around the corner:

Siemens AG – Siemens Innovations Paperlike Display

One application of the “paperlike display” seems to have be given the name epyrus, but it is quite impossible to find any more information anywhere about the unit. It seems to be a PDA type device (see picture).

Wired wrote an article about such displays and their possible uses in their 2000 August edition, titled “News flash“. Interesting article, both about intended use and technology.

[Via JD on MX]

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  1. A really impressive technology. Whether it’s named epyrus, smart paper or e-ink, this fascinating paperware will initiate a revolution. It’s hard to make a prediction how far it will take. Some day in the future someone will invent digital clothes, changing colors and patterns whenever you want.

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