Gregory Palast: The Screwing of Cynthia McKinney

Have you heard about Cynthia McKinney, former U.S. Congresswoman?

According to those quoted on National Public Radio, McKinney “a loose cannon” (media expert) who “the people of Atlanta are embarrassed and disgusted” (politician) by, and she is also “loony” and “dangerous” (senator from her own party).

Yow! And why is McKinney dangerous/loony/disgusting? According to NPR, “McKinney implied that the [Bush] Administration knew in advance about September 11 and deliberately held back the information.”

The New York Times’ Lynette Clemetson revealed her comments went even further over the edge: “Ms. McKinney suggest[ed] that President Bush might have known about the September 11 attacks but did nothing so his supporters could make money in a war.”

That’s loony, all right. As an editor of the highly respected Atlanta Journal Constitution told NPR, McKinney “practically accused the President of murder!”

Problem is, McKinney never said it.

Read the article: The Screwing of Cynthia McKinney

11 thoughts on “Gregory Palast: The Screwing of Cynthia McKinney”

  1. Please do some more homework, rather than relying on this one internet article. Search for Ms. McKinney’s name on Google, and read about her offer to accept a multi million dollar Saudi prince’s “donation” originally offered to NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani after 9/11. Read about her many other embarrassing adventures and remarks made in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

    There’s an honest reason why she has made so few friends. Be sure to research both sides of any debate.

  2. Curious statements made by Andy. Any comment Jarle? There seems to be some kind of spin going on here. Damn people, clouding the issue with facts:)

  3. Roy, what facts? I can’t see that Andy has pointed me in the direction of any facts. As far as I can tell there has been a lot of spinning going on, but to me it looks mostly like it has been on the expense of McKinney.

    Andy, please provide some more “facts” than references to searches on Google. Feel free to point me in the direction of sources you would believe, but let me be the judge of how believable they are to me….

  4. PS: This is the first hit when searching for “Cynthia McKinney arabian prince” at Google:


    “Attacking McKinney on this issue, Majette will no doubt make use of McKinney’s letter to Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal apologizing for Rudy Giuliani’s return of the prince’s $10 million following the prince’s criticism of the United States after the World Trade Center attack. Although that generated headlines making McKinney the curse of not only conservatives but many moderates as well, it did little to affect her core of strength. However, it caught the attention of national and state Democrats.”

  5. You may quibble about what McKinney was implying when she said it, but it is no fabrication:

    “Moreover, persons close to this Administration are poised to make huge profits off America’s new war. Former President Bush sits on the board of the Carlyle Group. The Los Angeles Times reports that on a single day last month, Carlyle earned $237 million selling shares in United Defense Industries, the Army’s fifth-largest contractor. The stock offering was well timed: Carlyle officials say they decided to take the company public only after the Sept. 11 attacks. The stock sale cashed in on increased congressional support for hefty defense spending, including one of United Defense’s cornerstone weapon programs.

    Now is the time for our elected officials to be held accountable. Now is the time for the media to be held accountable. Why aren’t the hard questions being asked. We know there were numerous warnings of the events to come on September 11. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, delivered one such warning. Those engaged in unusual stock trades immediately before September 11 knew enough to make millions of dollars from United and American airlines, certain insurance and brokerage firms’ stocks. What did this Administration know, and when did it know it about the events of September 11? Who else knew and why did they not warn the innocent people of New York who were needlessly murdered?”

  6. [quote]”…the innocent people of New York who were needlessly murdered?”[/quote]

    Pretty much.

    Explain to me how, after the full autopsy reports were obtained under FOIA, 19 men could have pulled of this murder/suicide, and then have thier bodies not turn up in the wreckage. Again, with (more than) all bodies accounted for: not one terrorists.

    Impossible. Just like WTC7’s FEMA report (@cryptome): an obvious fraud. For the first time in history, a (or 3) steel-frame building collapsed due to fire, even tho 20,000 of a maximum of 23,000 gallons of fuel oil were recovered unspent from the still intact tanks in the basement.

    Hoax. Reichstag. Pearl Harbor. OKC.

    Please, McKinney was simply openly pissed with a microphone on, if imperfectly informed. Why not study Greg Palast’s reporting history before denegrating him as “just one internet article”.

    Lets go to cnn, abc, cbs, msnbc, fox, and Drudge, in series. THAT is an example of “just one internet article”: released prepackaged from the DoD. Every day, biggest sites, same headlines and articles. That should worry you greatly.

    This country is in much worse trouble than Andy suspects. Plus, now PNAC is talking about a new “pearl harbor” before the election.

    Jeez, Andy. Ragging on Palast. He’s like one of five guys in the world who are actually getting info out about the globalists. Both GOP and DNC are actively working against national (read: individual) sovereignity. That is bad for me, and I can prove it’s bad for you too.

    Imagine an oil tanker. It has several hulls and many compartments, all insulated from each other. Thus, if you get a hole in one, the boat can still float, by sealing off the undamaged area and retaining bouyancy.

    Nations and currencies work in exactly the same way. Right now, if the UN broke up or the Euro or Yen crashed, the USA would be A-ok.

    Or even better off.

    That’s a good thing.

    Vote Libertarian.

  7. Jarle:

    Please don’t believe everything you read. You seem virulently anti-American, and that’s fine. You are nit-picking every little “incident” in the U.S to support your anti-American agenda…just get the facts straight.

  8. You know what Jennifer, I would be ok with being called anti-dubya. But anti-american?

    I think you will have a hard time finding many people that was anti-american in Norway in the period in which I have grown up. Now the tide is changing, for many reasons. BUT, I would claim that most people in Norway are very US-friendly, and very influenced by american culture.

    I myself have many good american friends, in fact I am married to a north-american. AND, I don’t think I am anti-american in any way.

    In fact, I take offence from being called anti-american when I am being critical of the currrent government, the president and the state of affairs in the US. I don’t think being critical about the US government makes me anti-american, and I think those kind of arguments are used to make people feel bad about asking healthy questions about the state of their government in the US.

  9. Cynthia McKinney does not reflect the “state of affairs”. Gilmore, the shit stirrer who was thrown of the British-flagged plane by a British captain, does not reflect the “state of affairs”. I have my facts straight on issues, because I do not believe everything I read. I research and research and research. It is perfectly fine to have a difference of opinion on issues, but just get the facts straight. YOU are fact-challenged.

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