Microsoft’s market share starting to slip?

Interesting article by Charlie Demerjian about the shift in the IT industry away from Microsoft and toward Open Source: The IT industry is shifting away from Microsoft

Every so often, there is a big shift in an industry. The shifts are not usually visible until long after they’ve happened, making you look back and say: “Oh yeah, things were different back then”.

Interesting analysis about what is making the market start to shift away from Microsoft and its products.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft’s market share starting to slip?”

  1. You are fooling yourself, those news media people are writing articles for people like you to read. No, really and seriously. Check out many articles and you will see that articles are specifically designed to be read by people who believe in what they read. I am not saying there is no such trend, personally I know that at the end Windows will never lose to any other os, unless through laws people make Microsoft stop innovating. Maybe in that case, Linux and others have a chance. But, before that, Windows may come for free, but Linux will never ever going to replace Windows. Again, what you hear is partially made-up, exaggarated or totally distorted. One would assume to be online people to be much more clever, but apparently most people are stupid no matter what technical skills they have.

  2. Linux has allready broken into Microsoft’s market share and this will only continue. Anyone with common sense can see Linux has numerous advantages over Windows.

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