Banned on CBS: MoveOn’s ‘Child’s pay’.

The Bush In 30 Seconds ad contest held earlier this month resulted in the winning 30 second entry Child’s pay that was supposed to be aired during the Super Bowl today.

It seems the Child’s pay ad from MoveOn was too much for CBS, and they claim they won’t run it because they don’t run “issue ads”.

Now, it seems CBS has run issue ads before: DaveNet : Is CBS Lying?.

MoveOn has posted the following information about the CBS refusal to run the ad:

CBS is refusing to run the winning ad, “Child’s Pay,” on the Super Bowl. Watch the ad and join the nonpartisan effort calling on CBS to run public interest advocacy advertising like ours. Even if CBS won’t air the ad, we’re not going to let that stop us. During the Super Bowl half time show, at 8:10 and 8:35pm EST switch over to CNN to watch the ad CBS won’t air. And let us know you’re joining the one-minute boycott

[Update] American Samizdat has a good collection of links to articles about CBS banning the ad.

2 thoughts on “Banned on CBS: MoveOn’s ‘Child’s pay’.”

  1. CBS in my opinion are a disgusting organization. I hope that is realized by the open minded amongst us. Then the BBC apologizes for telling the truth what a sad period.

  2. Thank CBS for preserving the American people from

    controverial topics! We citizens can be happy while

    watching breasts and crotches because we do not see

    political issues on our airways. Viacom can be proud

    of its power over messy democracy. Congress and the

    Resident have made Viacom even more powerful in the


    Is it time to prescribe an “Emergency Bushectomy”?

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