MSI BToes trouble

Well, that was fun. Or maybe not. Have been trying for close to an hour to install the cool little USB-Bluetooth-dongle MSI BToes, with no luck. That is to say, the installation went OK until I got this not so funny error message:

The required section was not found in the INF.

My initial thoughts was that there might be some problems with the driver files and Windows XP. But after trying to install the newest version of the MSI Bluetooth software (Currently at version 1.4.something) I got the same problem. BTW: DO NOT install the newest version, use the one that comes with your CD if you have an older version of the software. You need to have the dongle installed to get anywhere with the new software thanks to the requirement of a security code that you can only obtain from their site and with information only available after installing the dongle successfully.

Puh. Well, that much I’ve learnt in an hour. That, and the solution, thanks to Estato: MSI Bluetooth drivers : Accessories : Sony Ericsson @ Esato

The solution sounds pretty crazy, but is dead simple: Make sure you don’t have an internet connection when installing the Bluetooth dongle. For some reason Microsoft is trying to get information related to the driver from the net while installing, and it breaks the install. For me it was just a matter of pulling out the network cable (well, that involved crawling under the desk and roaming through miles of cable, but lets not go there – its a scene I’d rather forget).

3 thoughts on “MSI BToes trouble”

  1. Just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for posting the info about the MSI BToes … yours was the only website that I could find with the solution … thanks again! (Wierd solution eh? But it works!!).

  2. yes!!! this crazy solutions save our hours!!! we needs several hours to configure our bloutooth device and we have this error and we are unable to install the device until we disconnect the network cable!!!

    thanks a lot for sharing the info!

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