Gadget lust: Archos AV500


If the rumours are true, sign me up for one of these.

According to eHomeUpgrade the Archos AV500 is a

“new all-in-one handheld device that combines a portable media player, digital video recorder (bundled with a remote and Electronic Program Guide software), and personal digital assistant (PDA). Furthermore, the device will support Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GSM connectivity via an add-on port.

In other words it will connect to your cable-tv when you are home, record your favourite shows, and then let you watch them on the run. It will feature a 20 or 40GB HD, and even cooler – it will use TrollTech’s Qtopia operating system. (Read Linux, from Norway :-)

More rumours over at Gizmodo. Read it and lust!

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