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crossfire.jpgAuthor and fake news anchor Jon Stewart was guest on CNNs Crossfire last friday. Rather than plugging his show and book Stewart took Crossfires Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson to school and said Crossfire was hurting America.

The show turned into a discussion about Crossfires and medias failure to make politicians accountable and to ask the tough and real questions instead of just following the spin.

I thought it was a very interesting edition of Crossfire, and I hope (although, I wouldn’t place much money on it) that Tucker, Paul & co at Crossfire hears what Jon said and tries to start asking the real tough questions and starts having a real debate show – rather than just providing entertainment and spin.

The Crossfire show is available as Torrent download

CNN has a transcript of the show

And there is some interesting comments about it here:

TWoP Forums

The blogging of the president: Jon Stewart in the Crossfire

8 thoughts on “Daily Shows Jon Stewart on Crossfire”

  1. Thanks for posting the link to the show-download.

    I love the daily show! I may be in the minority, but I get most of my news from print or online media and watch the Daily Show to get comic relief. The funny thing is that John Stewart and his team produce some of the most thoughtful news coverage on American television, even if they call themselves the “fake news”.

  2. Jason, I think you are way off. Its no secret that Jon is going to vote for John Kerry. But I am convinced that if John Kerry should win the US election, then the Daily Show will be as hard against his administrations short comings as the current administrations.

    In most democracies we expect the journalists to be the ones putting the government to the test.

    That isn’t happening in the US today. Just look at the media coverage before and during the Iraq war. The US media acted as propaganda channels for the US government, and never did raise the real tough questions. And look at the media coverage of the election? Wheres the real questions?

    BTW: Dave Winer wrote about Jon’s apperance on Crossfire and the discussion thread there is really interesting, with comments from former CNN journalists among others. URL: http://www.bloggercon.org/2004/10/17#a1612

  3. Jason,

    I’m not sure exactly what edition of Crossfire you were watching. Mr. Stewart didn’t refer to the President at all until Paul Begala asked him if this administration made doing his show easier. What Mr. Stewart was talking about was the horrid state of the media, which plays into the hands of politicians on the left and the right instead of being a truth finding mechanism in society. While it wasn’t particularly civil, neither is the media. And Tucker Carlson is a dick.

  4. Jarle,

    Just a quick note to let you know about a repeating typo. It is ‘tough’ questions not ‘though’ questions. Not a big deal, but it distracts from what you’re trying to get across.

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