Norwegians against Bush

The grass root movement runs an ad in todays Washington Post where the movement articulates that the Norwegian government is not with the people when supporting George W. Bush and his was in Iraq.

See the Washington Post ad [PDF]

For those of you without PDF reader, I have included the letter in the extended entry for this post.

Mr. President

As friends of the United States, we respect your country

6 thoughts on “Norwegians against Bush”

  1. Hmmmm… I wonder which country Norwegians consider in their best interest, USA or Norway? The fact that a foreign group wants to sway the elections should give one pause when entertaining a Kerry Vote.

  2. Thats funny. Kerry is to fault for what norwegians thinks about the Iraq war?

    If anyone should be blamed for trying to sway an election, it would be George W. Bush that has already supported his puppets in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  3. The ad is not an attack on the general American, just the politics of your current president.

    By the way critisizing Norwegians for poking their nose into other Counties politics would be kinda hypocritical. The American goverment have been doing that for years in a more active way than most.

    I like the people from America I have met, but still I cannot agree with what your President is saying and doing.

  4. At the site below, you can see evidence of that claim that Bush is not a consistent or steadfast leader …

    Since its ratification in 1972, most European countries have trusted the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty as the only thing standing between them and annihilation in a nuclear crossfire between the U.S. and Russia. Trouble is, rules of the ABM treaty prevent the U.S. from building the National Missile Defense system favored by President Bush.

    President Bush angered several European leaders by rejecting the the Kyoto treaty, a 1997 agreement requiring signatory nations to reduce their emissions of “greenhouse” gases, blamed by many scientists as the cause of global warming.

  5. Hola!

    this is really brilliant! let’s the people take over our creepy govs ;-) I love the initiative and will try to look if something along these lines is possible in Switzerland …

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