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More and more of my writing happens in the browser, with much of the text being inputed into forms. Whether it is typing articles for my blogs or commenting in others or doing most anything else.

While some online applications have spell check built in, most doesn’t. That’s where a browser plug-in for spell checking comes in handy.

My favourite combination browser/spell check these days are Mozilla Firefox and SpellBound. Both are platform independent, easy to install and works perfectly. Even better, SpellBound has dictionaries for both the official Norwegian languages. With the cool extension support in Firefox I had this spell checker up and running in minutes.

Opera uses GNU Aspell – a open source spell checker that is also available in a Win32 version. It was easy enough to install Aspell for Opera on Windows XP, only problem is that I have yet to figure out how to actually get it working. As it is now its trying to spell check with no dictionary at all, and I have found no way to configure it. Opera could learn a lot from how Firefox handles plug-ins.

Theres also a spell checker for Internet Explorer, in case want to use a browser with multiple vulnerabilities. Its called iespell and its also fairly easy to install.

5 thoughts on “Spell check for your browser”

  1. A much better solution might be As-U-Type http://www.asutype.com/. It works in all web browsers: IE, FireFox, Opera, NetCaptor etc. and everywhere else. It checks and automatically corrects spelling as you type so when you’re completed typing your text has also already been spell checked. A real time-saver, IMHO.


  2. are you still having issues getting the aspell spell checker to work with opera?

    i just tried it out. you have to download the aspell dictionary separately and install it before starting opera.

    after that, the dictionaries are automatically recognized and right click -> spell check works.

  3. Packet, yeah I know – its supposed to be that easy. It might be finger trouble here, but I could swear I did exactly what you suggest when I tried to install it..

    Oh well. No big deal since I am using Firefox and it works great together with Spellbound both with English and Norwegian dictionaries.

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