Opera going tiny

This is just so incredibly cool. Opera has released a browser that will run on almost any J2ME (Java micro) cell phone with data connectivity. (Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and others have support for J2ME and GPRS).

Norwegian blogger and Opera employee Arve Bersvendesen writes in his blog:

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is based on two components. First, there is the client component, which is a J2ME application users can download and install on their phones.

Secondly, and more importantly, there is the server component. When accessing the web with Opera Mini, the server component, which uses Opera’s Small Screen Rendering technology, converts the pages to OBML, Opera Binary Markup Language, and sends the OBML to the client which in turns renders it in just the same way it would have been rendered on a regular version of Opera

Opera just keeps on blowing my mind. Now I can’t wait to see a browser for my Pocket PC, or what about a browser for the PSP? That would kick ass. (Not that the browser available in the 2.0 version of their OS sucks, its just that I am certain Operas browser would do an even better job on the PSP).

Its interesting times for mobile devices. With Macromedias Flash Lite I am sure we will also see more development of interactive content for small devices. And I am sure Operas Mini will also play its part.

[Update] Peter Karlsson has posted a couple of Sony Ericsson P900 screnshots of Opera Mini vs the built in browser from SE. Which brings the question, why hasn’t he already installed the Opera version for the Sony Ericsson P800, P900 etc. phones? (see the full selection of phones that support Opera mobile here)

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  1. Hopefully something will happen with Pocket PC, even though I have heard that the swore they would never do it. The Windows Mobile edition of Opera is just for mobile phones with “Windows Mobile”.

    Check out: http://www.opera.com/winmobile/ for details. (Tip, read the block at the bottom right titled “Software requirements”)

  2. “Which brings the question, why hasn’t he already installed the Opera version for the Sony Ericsson P800, P900 etc. phones?”

    I have. The first screenshot is from Opera Mini, the second is from the regular Opera version, running on the same phone.

  3. Oh, I wasn’t sure about that. So the second one is showing how well/bad the regular version of Opera is coping? Seems like the Opera Mini is kicking the regular P900 Operas ass ;-)

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