Comparatives and Superlatives

This was a resource I could not find anywhere else. List of Adjectives and their compartive and superlatives.

Comparitives and superlatives are words used to compare things and show which are “more” of or “the most” of something. For example:

English cold colder coldest
Norsk kald kaldere kaldest

Which looks nice and simple and used in sentences is nice and simple; for this word.

  • I am cold
  • He is colder
  • She is coldest
  • She is colder than me.

In Norwegian that is:

  • Jeg er kald
  • Han er kaldere.
  • Hun er kaldest
  • Hun er kaldere enn meg.

Where it gets interesting is the same place it gets intersting in english. Where not all words follow the pattern above of adding ere and est to the adjective to form the compartive and superlative forms. For example:

English good better best
Norsk god bedre best
English practical more practical most practical
Norsk praktisk mer praktisk mest praktisk

I thought there must be a list of these somewhere, but I looked in my text book and asked my teacher for a list and looked online and have not found one. So I have been collecting them as I come across them and making a full list I can refer to when I get stuck. People in clas have asked for copies of this so I thought I would put it up here for you too.

absolutt mer absolutt mest absolutt absolute
alvorlig mer alvorlig / alvorligere mest alvorlig / alvorligst serious, earnest
bakkete mer bakkete mest bakkete hilly
bekymringsverdig mer bekymringsverdig mest bekymringsverdig
blakk blakkere blakkest pale, broke, penniless
blek blekere blekest pale
bra bedre best good, fine
færre Færrest few
fin finere finest fine, choice
gammel eldre eldst old
gjerne heller helst gladly
god bedre best good
grønn grønnere grønnest green
ille verre verst bad
interessant mer interessant mest interessant interesting
kald kaldere kaldest cold
kaotisk mer kaotisk mest kaotisk chaotic
lang langre lengre lengst long (distance)
lenge lenger lengst long (time)
lett lettere lettest light (weight)
levende mer levende mest levende living
mange flere flest many
morsom morsommere morsomst funny
mye mer mest more
opprørsk mer opprørsk mest opprørsk rebellious
nye nyere nyeste new
pen penere penest pretty
praktisk mer praktisk mest praktisk pratical
snill snillere snillest kind
stor større størst big
tung tyngre tyngst heavy
ung yngre yngst young
vond verre verst painful
øverst top, upper, highest

This list is not everything. If you know some that are not here please let me know, and I will add them.

Remember to match the adjective with the gender of the noun it is describing.

I hope this list is as much help to you as it has been to me and my classmates.

4 Replies to “Comparatives and Superlatives”

  1. Hi Michelle! I promised a few corrections some weeks ago, but I’ve been busy with work and feeling exhausted so it’s taken some time to come around to do this.

    So – a few corretions for you. 🙂

    Top of the page: it’s kald – kaldere – kaldest (forgot a ‘d’).
    Next is: praktisk – mer praktisk – mest praktisk (we very rarely use ‘c’ in Norwegian).

    And then the long list of adjectives:
    Alvorlig – alvorligere – alvorligst
    Blakk means broke (lack of money)
    Lang – lengre – lengst
    Praktisk – mer praktisk – mest praktisk (not double-k)
    Tung – tyngre – tyngst

    Great initiative on this blog! I’m sure it’s a great help for people struggling with Norwegian! 🙂

    1. Tusen takk Nina for improving this post heaps. I have made the corrections you suggest.

      Many thinks for taking the time to read this carefully and to write down those corrections. Your wonderful!

  2. avoid ‘jeg er kald’ — it doesn’t mean that the temperature is affecting you == jeg fryser, it is more on an emotional / sexual comment.

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