I love seasons and spring and autumn are my favourites so its so wonderful to see so many signs spring is coming around. Today is my father´s birthday so I thought I would document the day and the signs spring is a-coming.

This is the back yard currently, the sun is shining bright and the snow is melting.
Snow melting back from the house, midwinter snow was covering windowsill and our cute little splant
Love the bright blue sky behind the budding blossoms. Even though snow is still onthe ground these trees believe sring is coming.
See snow on the ground and trees are sure spring is coming. Good to see these signs.
This rock face was covered in snow only a few weeks back.
Road had hard winter
This road has had a hard winter, potholes all along it
A steady flow of water is flowing over this rock as the sun melts the snow
I love the way the bright sun today just makes this evergreen so vivid.
I am kinda waiting for the rose bushes to decide spring is coming too. At the moment they are kinda beautiful in their stark thorniness.
Their bright red hips are what helps them look beautiful, even though they have been damaged by the ravages of winter.
Here is the valley below, odd to me that the snow clings to the valley floor, I am used to it clinging to the high places.

It´s a beautiful day today, got very warm out on walk even in mid-lengthed sleeves. Norway is a country for those who love seeing the seasons change as the changes are so dramatic, and wonderful.

Happy birthday Dad!

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