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Opera not so safe after all

Opera is a browser that I have often mentioned whenever vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer has been published (which happens a lot more often than I comment on it, but thats a digression).

But all was not good in the paradise of the Opera browser I found out today.

The Register writes:

vulnerability in Opera 6.01 and 6.02 for Windows allows a malicious Web site to grab any file off a client’s local drive with ease, GreyMagic Software has discovered. That’s the bad news. The good news is that affects only Windows, and it’s fixed in version 6.03 which is now available for download. Version 6.0 is not affected.

If you are using Opera, it would be wise to go get it updated.

[Via The Register]


Want WAP/mobile software worth US $15 Million for free?

The wireless portal Room 33 has gone bankrupt, and the people behind the portal has released their software as free open source. The name of the software package is Hambo. The platform is based on Java, XML and WML

Hambo is fully GPRS, UMTS, PCS, GSM ready. The Hambo platform includes built-in applications such as e-mail, calendar, ring-tone and icons, my-wap page, news, weather and community.