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Josh Dura and Keran McKenzie (http://www.studiowhiz.com) has released a Flash MX component site. At the moment the site only has a couple of components from Macromedia, but I guess I should forgive them – after all the site was launched today.


Selling and offering Flash components is probably going to become bigger than the availability of Flash FLAs earlier, mainly because components makes it easier for unskilled flash developers and designers to use them to implement functionallity in their Flash projects.

Another site with a broader selection of Flash componentes is Flashcomponents.net and Macromedia also have their own selection of Flash Components

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  1. Hey there Jarle,

    Thanks for the ups on your site … we had only just started the site the day you arrived :) And I’m happy to report that we’ve built a brand new Component Management system for the site and it’s accepting components.

    We currently have … get this .. 9 (woohoo) components, but I only launched it last night :)

    We’ll grow …

    Thanks for your support

    Mr K

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