I’ve become an outliner

Dave is probably gonna be happy if he reads this, another convert to the Outliner crew.

I was structuring my day today, and found myself structuring the items on my list just like one would with an outliner (like the one in Radio), so this evening I just gave in and spent about $40 US for the program.

I have only just gotten started, so I am in no ways an Outliner pro yet, but I am at least on my way. I must admit that for a guy that talks so warmly of outliners, its a little strange that its not possible to render the outliner to HTML in any easy way in Dave’s weblog product. I just end up with an error when I try to use the built in function, temporarily I have been using an add-on tool (Print Outline Tool) that generates the HTML for me.

But I want, no – I need for this to work in the program itself (that is, with the built in functions, darn it! ;-) – it would be too stupid if it wasn’t possible. Will have to look at getting it to work tomorrow (if its at all possible without having to use the tools option).