Flash News Flash: It’s Accessible

Wired: Flash News Flash: It’s Accessible

Wired News writes about how Flash has become more userfriendly with the arival of Flash MX and the work done by people like Jason Smith that has made a Flash captioning tool that will be made available at Macromedia.com withing a month.

Chris MacGregor (of Flazoom.com) is quoted in the story with some choice words about usability and Flash.

John Dowdell has some comments about the Flash player’s assistive routines for screen readers

2 thoughts on “Flash News Flash: It’s Accessible”

  1. Choice words… I think I spent two hours on the phone with the journalist talking about the various aspects of accessibility and Flash, who to contact for more info and what opinions to seek that would be relavant. From all that, she only quotes me once.

    But, yes, I said it. Before Flash MX there was no point for Flash developers to worry about accessibility. If you wanted an accessible site, you used HTML.

  2. There you go, ain’t no exposure to be had from being the nice guy :-) hehe.. I am sure she got a whole lot of good leads for her story from you though :-)

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