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eat orange :: 100% vitamin c

Is not about oranges, but rather another Flash blog on the horizon. Thanks to my frequently updated referer logs (still trying to figure out if I should make it available), I spotted this new Radio weblog. Seems like it could become an interesting place, especially with Sean Voisen’s interests:

I’ll be posting links to information and tutorials on whatever “new-fangled” technology interests me most at the given time. Right now, this seems to be Macromedia MX technologies, the Jabber XML protocol, and Cocoa/Obj-C. But, look for this to change at any time.

I think Flash MX and Jabber is an interesting combination, and would love to see Sean tinker with that.. :-)

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  1. Hey Jarle,

    Thanks for the plug :) I am actually tinkering with Jabber and Flash MX integration right now. I should be posting a short article/tutorial on Jabber/Flash integration this week. I’ll let ya know.

    – Sean

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