Macromedia’s XML feed translated to RSS

This is cool, Jon Udell used the W3C’s XSLT transformation service to convert the XML newsfeed from Macromedia to an RSS feed with the help of an XSLT stylesheet

In my opinion, Macromedia should make their feeds available as RSS 1.0 and 0.91 or 0.92 – and possibly a number of other formats. Shouldn’t be a big deal to do – and would make the feed more available than it is today. I am especially missing a category definition in the feed, being able to filter the newsfeed to only the information I am interested in is pretty important. (And even more so when its a Flash resource site that is going to use it). Macromedia could also fix it by making available channels for each of their products.

[Update: As Mike pointed out, the XML newsfeed from Macromedia does indeed contain categories, I stand corrected].

4 thoughts on “Macromedia’s XML feed translated to RSS”

  1. Hmmm, sometimes I wonder how I can be so blind. I was just checking the RSS feed this time, and thought I remembered that the XML feed did not have categories. I stand corrected.

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