A rant about linking back

Just thought I would take a minute or two to address the curtesy of link backs. Most of the time I refer to what other people have written or found, and I try my very best to link back to these people. (See the [Via ] links at the bottom of the posts).

I try to make sure that I honour the work other people have put into collecting information, and make sure that those that actually do the hard work get some recognition for it.

Once in a while, not very often mind you, I do a little hard work myself. Digging up a story, finding a new cool resource that others haven’t mentioned etc. When I do the “hard work”, I also expect others to have the curtesy of linking back to me on the story. Most often this happens, but some weblogs out there seems to mostly ignore linking back to the source. Be it me, or someone else.

My opinion about link backs is that its the decent thing to do. Its about showing appreciation for the work of others. People who help us all find usefull information. And in a way its the “pay” for time these people have put into their weblogs. After all, most of us aren’t paid to keep our weblogs updated, so linking back to the originator of the information is the least we all can do.

To the those that have weblogs and don’t link back to the source, I would like to say: Start doing it today. Start showing appreciation for the information you get to share with others. Taking credit for other peoples work isn’t good karma, and shouldn’t happen.

Thats my whining for today. Have a nice day everyone, and link back! :-)

4 thoughts on “A rant about linking back”

  1. LOL. It wasn’t a comment to you :-D Its a general comment to all weblogs out there – and not about just linking back to me – but linking back in general :-)

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