Release of Mozilla 1.0

Mozilla 1.0 is finally released after 4 long years of development. The Open Source project produced a good browser, but I have to say that it took some time.

The release party will be held at the DNA lounge in San Francisco on the 12th of June. There will also be satellite parties at other locations around the world

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  1. Uhhm, thats on the 8th of June? Not sure if I will be there, would be better if it happend next week. But I guess the norwegians wants to start out partying before the SF party ;-)

  2. Hi Jarle, are you installing Mozilla itself? If so, have you checked into using bookmark groups to set up tabbed window displays? Just open up a set of blogs as tabs within one window, select “File Bookmark” and click the “Bookmark as Group” option. I keep these in my Personal Toolbar folder, so I can freshen an entire set of blogs with a single click. I’m interested in hearing how this compares with various RSS readers, thanks!

  3. Hi John, been running Mozilla since the first early betas. And I am used to tabbed browsing from Opera. I use it to a degree in Opera, and its particullary nice when you are working a lot with web based applications that require several windows and where you want to return to the same places next time you start the browser.

    In that respect tabbed browsing is great. I can somewhat see that it might be nice for reading weblogs too. My first problem with Mozilla (or rather some of the blogs I read) is that some of the sites gets mongled.

    Another thing is that – even though I have good bandwidth (704 Kbit/s ADSL), I have a LOT of weblogs I check (22 right now) – and having them all load at the same time – with all the extra graphics that comes with some of the weblogs I read – it would kill me to have to wait for them to load.

    The RSS reader I prefer – Amphetadesk – doesn’t require the same amount of bandwidth to pull in all the information that a tabbed browser version of them would. Which also means that it takes a lot less time to get all the information available.

    And I like being able to scroll down the HTML page that it generates and quickly see which stories I have visited – and which ones are new. I feel it makes it easier for me to keep a track of what I have seen and what is new.

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