More linkage to Macromedia Flash MX resources

Mike keeps up the good work with another overview of all the great new stuff that you can read at about Flash MX. Not to mention, a lot of people are putting great effort into trying to make us smarter, those darn fools ;-)

Macromedia is obviously digging into their pockets and using their money to make something REALLY useful. Yes, thats right – I am highly sceptical of marketing talk – I am more interested in “the real deal” – good information, and so far one just have to commend Macromedia for the amount of work they are putting into making good and useful information about their products readily available without charging an arm and a leg for it.

Here’s the new stuff this week:

Flash Extreme : Locking Down Flash MX : Branden Hall

Extending components in Macromedia Flash MX : Greg Burch

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  1. Macromedia are doing a great job with the dev centre. MM feels like a whole new company, like they really care about users even after we’ve bought the product.

    All we used to get was technotes, and they were pretty rare. Now we have sample apps, articles, features, useability reviews – its a great leap forward!

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