New Pet in a Flash

This is interesting, Macromedia has put together an online pet store based on Flash MX and ColdFusion MX. And its all documented on all levels. Including preperation, coding and usability. The project has its own “homepage”:

Pet Market Blueprint Application Center

The details:

Designing Application Interfaces with Flash MX

Smoothing Web Interaction

Testing the Blueprint application for usability

And then they got some of the industries best Usability experts to look it over and give their opinion:

Chris MacGregor, Reviews Pet Market

Jacob Nielsen Reviews Pet Market

Then they take the time to compare the performance of the Pet Market against Java Pet Store and .Net Pet Shop:

Petmarket Performance Benchmarks

Mike Chambers has the full rundown of the links to the various parts of the project. Yes, they have really poured work into this one).

Great work Macromedia!


  1. i think you meant to link to jakcob nielsen’s review of the application and not:

    The Pet Market Back Button : Mike Chambers

    mike chambers

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