Upcoming announcements from Macromedia “announced”

In a press release today, June 19th – Macromedia writes:

To demonstrate the powerful new features in Macromedia Flash MX, Macromedia executives Kevin Lynch and Jeremy Allaire will provide the keynote address at Flashforward 2002 New York (www.macromedia.com/go/ffny/). The keynote will showcase new technologies for the Macromedia Flash development community as well as some of the amazing customer examples already being created with Macromedia Flash MX, including Eric Dolecki’s Flashforward event guide for devices at www.ericd.net/guide/.

I am willing to bet that they will be releasing information and release dates for the Flash Communication Technology they have been talking about so long. This technology will make some of the options in the Flash 6 player make sense :-)

Something else they might announce in NYC is another product that is waiting to be let into the MX family – Macromedia Director..

Oh, I almost forgot. The press release was really about the Flash 6 player that has been downloaded 200 million times already, “making it the fastest adoption of any new version of Macromedia Flash Player.” – to quote Macromedia.

Thanks to JD on MX for the link.

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  1. The Director release makes since, as I got an email from Macromedia today, saying that the upgrade to Director 8.5 is now only $149. They trying to sell as many as possible before FFNY? :)

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