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This site confuses me. I am not a designer, but all the designers I have known have been kind of “neat-o” kind of people. You know, the kind that has to have that pixel just there, not an atom to the left or right — but just there. See where I am going?

Well, Anarchitect is the weblog of Nick Boyce using Flash 5 as the front end. It looks kind design-type like to me. And it is a new take on the old traditional blog design. But I have to be honest, even I feel like starting to tidy up the desk when I see that weblog. Makes me feel like going over to Nick and help him tidy up all his mess actually ;-)

[Via David Burrows]

2 thoughts on “Flash Blogs: Anarchitect”

  1. Just to be the devil’s advocate, I thought it was great — throw everything on the screen, let the user decide what s/he wants to see. I think that blog’s whole point is to be an inviting messy desk — like when I help my daughter clean her room and we end up spending hours looking at some funny thing she did in first grade that we found among the dust bunnies under the bed (I kind of did that at Nick’s site yesterday too — lots of great links there). All blogs have extraneous stuff (eg, those calendars — does anyone ever come to a blog and say “hmm, I wonder what jarle wrote on July 11?”) — might as well make all the stuff that’s there immediately available. Well, no slams intended — I love the look of your nice clean blog, jarle, and I also like the dig-around-and-find-a-gem look of Nick’s messy desk (sure is a pretty desk, too)

  2. LOL. Nice to see you bite Helen. It wasn’t really meant as that serious a comment, but I got this uneasy feeling when browsing his site that I felt like sharing with you all (and maybe I should also share it with some shrink somewhere).

    I agree with you though – its a creative idea, my calendar is useless (other than the fact that I get to gloat over months such as june when almost the whole months is filled with posting (yes I am strange), and its fun to do dig and discovery.

    But I guess I am kind of a neato freak, and like the fact that people can have easy access to postings to.. say.. the 11th of July. :-)

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