Multi-threading Class for Flash MX

I told you that there were too many cool projects to ignore, didn’t I? Well, the Multi-threading Class looks like an interesting project. Its written by Jeremy Larkin and has been released on SwfNews today. The release is an alpha version.

While multi-threading sounds like the domain of “hard-core” java or c++ developers, the technology and ideas can be ported to Flash. The availability of multi-threading in Flash would solve many problems. We could fix potential code bottlenecks and give the look of improved performance. Feedback during loops would certainly make Jakob Nielsen happy !!

4 thoughts on “Multi-threading Class for Flash MX”

  1. huuuh?!?! this is simply an emulation using setInterval, *LOL*

    Only solves the problems that setInterval has solved since its introduction – “time based vs frame based code execution”


  2. What is going on with I can’t access the site.. (has been down for a long while). Can’t e-mail you either.

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