Multi-threading Class for Flash MX

I told you that there were too many cool projects to ignore, didn’t I? Well, the Multi-threading Class looks like an interesting project. Its written by Jeremy Larkin and has been released on SwfNews today. The release is an alpha version.

While multi-threading sounds like the domain of “hard-core” java or c++ developers, the technology and ideas can be ported to Flash. The availability of multi-threading in Flash would solve many problems. We could fix potential code bottlenecks and give the look of improved performance. Feedback during loops would certainly make Jakob Nielsen happy !!


  1. huuuh?!?! this is simply an emulation using setInterval, *LOL*

    Only solves the problems that setInterval has solved since its introduction – “time based vs frame based code execution”


  2. What is going on with I can’t access the site.. (has been down for a long while). Can’t e-mail you either.

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