Flash Communication Server MX released

Macromedia has released the Flash Communication Server MX and they already have up an impressive development center for the server. This new server from Macromedia sports multiway audio and video streaming and messaging, making it ideal to be in the center of collaboration systems and multimedia delivery. Macromedia has only released it for Windows so far, but there are versions for Linux and Sun in the lineup.

We have some screenshots up at Flashmagazine.com of the development part of the communication server, and there will be more articles made available about the server later today.

It seems to me by the launch of the new MX products from Macromedia that the merger with Allaire really did Macromedia and Allaire good – I am impressed by the amount of information they are making available about their products.

Before I forget it, you can read more about the Flash Communication Server on a number of other sites too:

Mike Chambers has some really good resource links. Expect him to post more useful pointers and information about the Flash Communication Server MX.

C|Net has an article titled “Macromedia gets chatty

Infoworld – Macromedia unites multiple media types

eWeek: Macromedia Server Brings Life to Web Sites

And all the blogs are writing about it: Flazoom, PNut, and Quasimondo

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  1. I cant understand why the 10 user version isnt free. I dont think you could use the 10 user version for many commercial projects, which means its really for developers to do r&D on. If MM seriously want us to start using this technology they should have made that version free – or at least a whole lot cheaper!

    Really most flashers expected this functionality to bundled with flash MX, now we have to pay 500US to test it out!

    Am I the only one who thinks MM have made a mistake with the pricing model – It like generator all over again

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