Having a good time with my new monitor :-)

171p_lg.jpgPretty perverted, huh?

The F.A.Porsche designed monitor from Samsung can be made to turn over on the side and let me browse the web at 1028×1280 – or work in Flash for example. :-) I think that is going to become my favorite position for it ;-)

Here’s some pictures just to give you some insight into how my world looks like when browsing the web and working different applications right now:

fw.gif jdb-browse.gif fm-browse.gif

4 thoughts on “Having a good time with my new monitor :-)”

  1. Its a 17″ LCD so its actually a lot less expensive than the 18″ LCDs that are a lot more common. The one I got cost about US $850 (Just checked C|Net – http://cnet.search.com/search?timeout=3&tag=ex.cn.1.srch.cnet&q=Samsung+SyncMaster+171P )

    It goes great with the Logitech keyboard and optical mouse I am using at work, together with my tiny laptop. Its fun going from the 10″ screen on the laptop, over to the 17″ LCD, one of the better setups I have ever had.

  2. Wow… kewl. That is handy. I’ve seen the legal guys have monitors that turn like this .. but they were always expensive.

    17″ hm not a bad size (it’s what I use now) … I wonder how it’d do for Video work. What’s it’s colour defntn like?

  3. Heh, I am not a designer – so I haven’t even looked at the colour calibration yet. Should be possible to get pretty good colours, but they will not be exactly like what you’d get on a CRT. I am very happy with the colours and the definition of the screen.

    BTW: If you have a 17″ CRT then it doesn’t match the viewfield of a 17″ LCD. I would claim that the 17″ LCD is more like a 19″ CRT when it comes to actual usable screen-estate.

    You can find the technical spesifications of the LCD screen if you go to: http://www.samsungusa.com/ – Unfortunatly they have made it virtually impossible to bookmark or link directly to pages on their site (sessions), so I can’t link directly to the screen – But just go there and search for 171P and you are there. :-)

    I haven’t gotten to test animations too much on it yet. I run it off my laptop and the videocard in my laptop is struggeling as it is with providing the right resolution. But I will have the pleasure of seeing it against a GeForce 4 card very soon, so I’m sure we will get to test the screen well :-)

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