Flash local connection and other Samuel Wan projects

Seems like Samuel Wan also had some extra time for experimentation yesterday, he has posted a lot of interesting projects today:

Local Connection is the tool for getting rid of all those pesky fscommands headackes in Mac IE and Netscape. Sam has made available source code and a demo, and links to more information about local connection.

I’ll let Sam introduce it:

Local Connection kicks ass, and totally relieves the headache of fscommands in netscape, mac IE, and other broken browser platforms. I’ve created very short demo file which shows you how easily you can use local connections in less than 5 lines of code.

Bevel Panel Components

User interfaces frequently employ beveling techniques to distinguish one section of an interface from another section. Traditionally, beveling in Flash took a lot of manual labor to draw each vector rectangle. Fortunately, these two bevel panel component allows you to create beveled rectangles quickly and easy

Sam also took the time to post a tutorial about variables and OOP:

Variables Revisited, Part I

This tip is probably old news to some Flash programmers, but for others, it’ll hopefully clarify an often misunderstood aspect of OOP. Variables actually work differently, depending on whether you’re assigning a primitive data type or an object reference. The difference is subtle, but it can cause confusion when you start passing lots of data between different parts of your code.

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