Flashmagazine ditching Flash

Flashmagazine released the ‘beta’ of their new site today, Flash has been substituted with HTML in the implementation of the site. Even with Flash MX the text flow options just wasn’t there to make it possible to make a good publishing system for the site. Sad really, since the site was one of the few examples of a content site implemented in Flash.

Even though Flash is no longer the format in which the site is published, the main topic is still going to be Flash and vector graphics and keeping the Flash developer community updated on the latest news. Expect the site to be updated with more interesting content very soon.

For now, feel free to leave your opinions about the new design and the choice of ditching Flash in favour of HTML as the presentation format.

3 thoughts on “Flashmagazine ditching Flash”

  1. Looks great Jarle. Hopefully you will get some more options next release, and the option to build more of a weblog/news reader will be available. Nice site :D

  2. Jarle, that’s a shame … I really liked the idea of a PURE flash system. Hmm I wonder if DENG would be a solution when it’s finished?

    Anyway, yeah the new version is tidy… but I feel personally .. lacking a bit of the X-Factor? It’s FAST though .. and that in my books is GREAT!!

  3. Yeah, its ultrafast – no heavy graphics. I will probably be going through it to have the HTML validate (hehe, yes I am .. ehh.. anal about those things), and some other fine tuning of style sheets and stuff like that.

    The DENG project really looks interesting, but I think we will still be faced with the problem of text wrapping around images and stuff like that. In any case, the system is set up so that it is easy to make a Flash version when and if we think we find a good solution, so don’t give up hope just yet :-)

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