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  1. I think that’s fairly normal. There aren’t many people within this community, even near the top of the list, who get linked to more often than they link to others.

    For example, Dave Winer and Glenn Reynolds manage to gather more incoming links, but Doc Searls’s blogroll is even longer than his list of backlinks ;-)

  2. Docs list is really impressive. Not doubt about that :-) He is a true backlinker.

    Phillip, I just have to say I love the work you are doing with the Blogging Ecosystem. This is the kind of information that I am hooked on. I am going to have to spend some hours to really dive into it all, and I see you are expanding your “blog world” all the time, as well as the functionallity. Exciting and great work!

  3. Your blog ecosystem tool thingy didnt recognise all the links in my select list

    According to my weblogs i get more incoming links than outgoing links 700 fold:) so im quite confused by my results your tool gave me.

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