Norway, the greatest place on Earth?

Interesting article about Norway in the Independent today. Interesting because it paints , a for me, strange picture of how life is in Norway. Yes, it is expensive here. I just came back from dinner for two with my wife and it set us back about $120 (everything included at what is probably the best chinese restaurant in Europe – but I know.. still utterly expensive).

The english journalist has obviously spent some time in Norway – and he went directly to the most expensive place to go in Oslo (and probably Norway) – Aker Brygge (Like the Docklands in the UK, or any other fancy harbour area anywhere) and claims that the prices for beer and food is about the same anywhere else in Norway.

Still its always fun to read about the country you live in seen with foreign eyes. And its a long article. The journalist is obviously trying to make sense of why Norway is the best place in the world to live (according to UN’s Human Development Report)

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  1. hello, truly norway is the wonderful place in the earth.i have read & seen many pic. about norway.

    i want to know is there any place named ‘

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