Chris is halfway to DevCon

Its looking good, Chris MacGregor was having problems finding the money to attend the Macromedia DevCon conference to be held in Florida in October, but now he has already collected half of the $1250 he needs to be able to attend the conference. I would have liked to see Macromedia spend some more money on the speakers and cover the costs for them, but failing that its good to see that the commnity is getting together and helping one of its hard working members.

Even more gratifying is it to see one of the major Flash book publishers, our english friends from Friends of Ed helping out. They have given Chris $300 for him to be able to speak at the DevCon conference. Great to see someone showing more generosity than Macromedia has shown in this case.

But remember, Chris isn’t there yet. Lets help him get to DevCon! Its about $600 to go, lets see some other Flash related companies show their gratitued for the great work Chris has done for the community!

2 thoughts on “Chris is halfway to DevCon”

  1. Friends of Ed is the best. That’s just awesome that they are helping out like that!

    By the way… I want to write for them. I really really do. Maybe when I have more time… But seriously, that is one of my goals – to write for Friends of Ed. :)

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