Calling all norwegian Flash developers/designers – lets get together!

Norway is one of the few places around the world were we are lacking a real community for Flash developers. There has been some talk between various induviduals for some years now, but nothing has come out of it, people are still working on their own and without any networking.

LETS CHANGE THAT! If you are a norwegian Flash developer or designer, then let me know. I want to get in contact with as many up and going Flash developers/designers as possible so that we all can start helping eachother out and get a community going here in Norway with meetings, seminars and networking!

Contact me by e-mail or leave a message here so that others can get to know you as well!

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  1. Cool, I’ll spread the word in my place too. One ally you might consider is the Macromedia User Group program… I see that there apparently are not any MUGs in Norway yet, which seems odd to me… I don’t know if they have resources for a wide-regional group, but they may be able to offer some synergies:


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