Open Source Project from Macromedia: Flash Communication Framework

A very cool project fronted by Mike Chambers and Greg Burch is the Flash Communication Framework, its opened as a project on Sourceforge (one of the main tools for Open Source developers), but is still in alpha. I am really looking forward to seeing this project get into the beta stages, and opened up so that others can easily deliver code to the project.

The Communication Framework is, to quote their own information:

a client / server communication framework that runs within the Macromedia Flash Communication Server. Its aim is to provide an advanced communication framework, that utilizes Macromedia Flash to connect client

Great initiative Mike and Greg, can’t wait to see this project span out!

2 thoughts on “Open Source Project from Macromedia: Flash Communication Framework”

  1. I am facing a problem with flash projector.

    When ever I try to open an external URL through the projector movie, the browser window opens behind the porjector, in Window XP only.

    Some one please help me!!!

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